Video: I want to be a landscape architect…

If you are thinking about what to study at university or looking for a career change, if you care about the environment and the places where we live, work and play, this film aims to help you decide ‘I want to be a landscape architect!’

Animation by Room60

Matt Parker and Leo Thom started out as fledgling landscape architects working on new ways of presenting project reviews and crits whilst studying at Kingston University.  Essentially wanting to move away from static methods of presentation they turned to animation as a way to engage our fellow students and tutors. In 2008 Room60 was launched – a digital media studio dedicated to producing exciting work for architecture, landscape and the built environment.

Prior to founding Room60, director Matt Parker studied Landscape Architecture at both degree and postgraduate level and spent 4 years working in practice. He was also part-time Studio Tutor at Kingston University from 2008 to 2012, assisting on the undergraduate Landscape Architecture course, and leading 2nd Year Studio in 2009/2010.



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