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Coastal habitats: best practices review


New publication: LIFE and coastal habitats.  The latest LIFE Nature Focus publication highlights the issues threatening Europe’s coastal habitats. Coastal regions generate 40% of GDP, but development must be sustainable and must recognise the natural value of the varied coastlines. Only 13% of coastal species are in a ‘favourable’ conservation status, while 73% of coastal habitats are assessed as being ‘bad’ or ‘inadequate’.


It is in the interests of all business sectors, from tourism to shipping and fisheries, to safeguard and improve the health of our coastal ecosystems. Adopting an ecosystem approach to their management fosters, rather than hinders, growth and jobs.

The LIFE and coastal habitats brochure, outlines the scope of best practices measures carried out by EU LIFE programme* projects to improve the status of Europe’s coastal habitats and management of Natura 2000 network sites – from dune habitat conservation in the Baltic to coastal lagoon protection in the Black Sea. It features sections on all the different types of habitats targeted by the programme and concludes with a focus on the cross-cutting management issues facing coastal regions.

The EU’s integrated policy response covers action on climate change, water pollution, habitat loss and all the other factors impacting on European coastal areas, and LIFE has been instrumental in showing how these policy objectives can best be achieved.

The report covers projects and examples of good practice for:

  • Coastal lagoons, estuaries and salt marshes
  • Dunes
  • Coastal grasslands and meadows
  • Reefs and seagrass meadows
  • Integrated management of the coastal – Natura 2000 network
  • Cross -cutting coastal management issues
    • Combating invasive alien species in coastal areas
    • Protecting species through coastal habitats conservation
    • Managing coastal tourism in Natura 2000 sites
    • Salt benefits business and biodiversity
    • Shoreline sites adapt to climate change


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* LIFE (“The Financial Instrument for the Environment and Climate Action”) is a programme launched by the European Commission and coordinated by the Environment and Climate Action Directorates-General.