‘The Living Thames’ shortlisted for Charity Film Awards


Presented by Chris Baines, President of the Thames Estuary Partnership, and with an introduction by Sir David Attenborough, ‘The Living Thames‘ film is an odyssey along the river as it meanders through London and flows out to sea, exploring its ever-changing ecology. The Thames is Britain’s most famous river. Nevertheless, many people don’t know very much about it. For millions who see it every day, it’s a mystery.

Sixty years ago the Thames was severely polluted. Many people still see it as dead and dirty. The reality, however, is completely different. In recent decades, thanks to the dedicated work of many, the Thames has made a dramatic recovery to become one of the cleanest inner-city rivers in Europe.

Thames 2

During his journey, from Teddington at the upper tidal reach to the sea, Chris meets many people who tell him more and more about just how much life there is, in and around the Thames. The film want to open people’s eyes to how truly remarkable the tidal Thames is, and just how crucial it is for connectivity, biodiversity, wildlife and migrating species.

The Thames Estuary Partnership’s film has been shortlisted in the finals of the Charity Film Awards and the winners will be announced on Friday 26 April. One of the prizes is the People’s Choice Award, which goes to the finalist with the most votes and it would be great if you could circulate the details and encourage voting. This, clearly, will help to raise the profile of water issues and the value of partnership working and integrated environmental management. Members of the public can vote for the film here: https://www.charityfilmawards.com/videos/the-living-thames




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