Orto fra i cortili //retrofitted rooftop growing space

Orto fra i cortili – ” garden among the courtyards” – creating a system that if repeated on a large scale can assist with retrofitting roof top spaces that are not being used.

Images: http://www.piuarch.it/index.php/en/orto-fra-i-cortili
Central to this concept is the creation of a modular system that uses pallets which can be easily assembled to build structures that combine aesthetics and functionality, at a reasonable cost.The pallets are used both as decking that when overturned become containers for the soil. In this way, using a single modular element a planting layout is constructed. The open-air pharmacy provides for the planting of medicinal plants with the aim of rediscovering the medical and therapeutic properties of wood used for centuries in pharmaceutical plants.
The Garden of the courtyards is many things in one: an energy upgrade project for the building, landscaping, decorative tool, food self-production, new representative space, sociability and co- working for those who work in the building. Plants create an ecosystem that promotes biodiversity, reduces the food supply chain and guarantees the authenticity of products. The layer of vegetation improves insulation and increases the thermal inertia of the rooms below. The pallet system also allows a stormwater control, reducing the flow of the waste water entering the natural system.
The system integrates a structural consolidation of the building aimed at increasing the load per square meter. The existing structure has been reinforced through the use of beams for structural reinforcement in fiberglass. The use of a fiberglass structure make the structural reinforcement systems that is resistant and light, easy to assemble, resistant to atmospheric agents and totally recyclable.
In collaboration with: Cornelius Gavril (design of the green area) and VerdeVivo (organic curative fertilizer, seed and preparations for gardening), Vivai Mandelli (design and installation of the modules), PCR srl (fiberglass structural reinforcement beams), Sice Previt (structure), Battaglia Contractor, Marazzi, Manuel Coltri – Marmi Due Ci, Colleoni Roberto & C. srl, Amea.
© Daniele Cavadini, Matteo Carassale

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