Collaborative mapping workshop Kingston University + Ecole d’Architecture Casablanca


Lahbib Elmoumni, Cosumar.

Kingston BA Architecture students recently returned from a collaborative and participative workshop at the Ecole d’Architecture Casablanca.(EAC). From November 28th to December 2nd, mixed teams of students from the EAC and Kingston University surveyed early modern housing estates in Casablanca that over time have been adapted by their inhabitants. Sites included Cité ouvrière Cosumar, Ain chock, Dar lamane, Hay Alqods (Bernoussi) , Hay Al amal (Bernoussi), Sekakkiine, Maarif, Gauthier, Al hank and Marina


Almudena Ibrahim, Cosumar

The workshop was organized around the theme “Atlas of Negotiated Typologies,” and led by Christoph Lueder, Almudena Cano, Alexandru Malaescu and Iulia Fratila, Kingston University, in collaboration with Lahbib Elmoumni, J. Benchemsi, A. Kassou and B. Bouzoubaa, EAC. Methods of investigation included interviews with inhabitants and mapping of public, communal, semi-private and private spaces.


The cooperation will continue over the academic year with proposals for inclusive and participatory development scenarios for Cosumar, a workers settlement planned by the French architect Edmond Brion in 1931 that has since been appropriated and imaginatively transformed by a tight-knit community. The community currently is resisting plans for imminent demolition and an organization of residents has asked for assistance in conceiving alternative scenarios.


This mapping workshop builds upon earlier research carried out by Christoph Lueder, Alexandru Malaescu and Iulia Fratila, of Kingston University on the theme of ‘Atlas of Negotiated Typologies’. Click on the following links to read of their mapping project work in South America , ChinaNavi Mumbai, India plus Jordan and Thailand




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