London Tree Map

In a previous post we focused on the launch of the London i-Tree Eco Project Report with the results of London’s i-Tree Survey. London has an estimated tree population of 8.4 million trees. The trees that make up London’s urban forest are situated on both public and private property. It is estimated that 57% of these trees are in private ownership and 43% in public ownership.  For a functioning urban forest there needs to be trees of all shapes and sizes and in the right proportions to ensure that benefits can continue to be delivered for future Londoners.

Data from London’s i-Tree Survey  has now been collated into one open source place to get a picture of London’s trees. The data mainly covers street trees, although it also includes some park trees, and contains location and species information for London’s trees. To view the map click here 


This map is an initial attempt to visually present London tree data. The majority of the data is for street trees but also includes some park trees. The map shows the locations and species information for over 700,000 trees. The recent London iTree report estimated that there are over eight million trees in London, so the map is only a partial illustration of  trees in London

There are several potential benefits to the public sharing of tree data. By visualising tree data and providing access to it in once place it is hoped this will help to raise the public profile of the important contribution of trees to our urban environment, and also provide operational benefits for tree managers. Sharing and standardising data could provide essential information for the strategic management of the urban forest. For example, it could help to assess species diversity and threats from pests and plant diseases across London, and also help identify areas for additional planting.

The map includes data from 25 of the London boroughs, the City of London and Transport for London (TfL) but data was not received from six boroughs – including the Borough of Kingston.





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