MA Landscape, Pat Brown, Vladimir Guculak

The following text is taken from this year’s Summer Exhibition – Kingston University, School of Architecture & Landscape 2016 Summer Exhibition catalogue (PDF).

“The postgraduate Landscape studio has worked in liaison with Pierre d’Avoine and students of Architecture Unit 4. Our project has focused on viewing London from the water places and tidal reaches of the Thames, and London waterways.

We are investigating the scope and potency of landscape architecture and urbanism proposition in the context of the Thames, its liminal edges and river terraces, and in wider relationships and infrastructures of connection and capacity. We are exploring opportunity and proposition at test bed sites along the river and its tributaries, from the Estuary east of the Thames Barrier and upstream to the Arcadian Thames.”

photo (2)
“Particularly we are addressing the Dutch position of ‘Making Room for the River’ in the context of flood risk, inclusive social agendas, and reclamation of the public realm (our shared ambition with Unit 4). Together these proposals aim to reveal potentials of an extended fluid public realm for London.”

Individual propositions include:

Beckton Riverfront Renewal

Lower Lea Valley Innovation Strategy

Grow Deptford Convoys Wharf

Reconnecting with the Thames, a Derive Methodology

Nine Elms Blue Line

Lots Road Stormwater Park

Social Platforms Ebb and Flow

Seething Wells Waterworks

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens – flood mitigation, wetland habitat creation and arrival from the river.


photo 4

Sketches and designs:

Calila Ribiero Da Pont: Reconnecting with the River Thames

Alice Hankin: Water Strategy for Chelsea

Hannah Shaw: Proposed Habitats for Beckton’s Riverfront


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