London’s Water

panorama1In collaboration with the Landscape Institute London Branch, post graduate Landscape students at Kingston University hosted an event to share ideas for the city’s potential to integrate water in the public realm- in sustainable and enjoyable ways.


Thames Tideway Tunnel is in construction, to extend the reach of London’s drainage capacity, another iteration of the city’s extensive embedded infrastructure.

Rather than containing water in subterranean networks, can the urban realm accommodate it?


With several presentations from both students and practitioners it was a very interesting and informative event, illustrating several proposals and realities along the River Thames. The focus was in sustainable drainage and urban ecology as solutions to improve our cities resilience to climate change and flood occurrences.


The presence of professionals and Post graduate students from Landscape and Architecture was indeed a catalyst to stimulate different visions and methodologies. Through the evening the atmosphere was very informal and trans-disciplinary inducing to an enjoyable interchange of ideas and a network event.


Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University would like to thank the following for taking part in the event and a special mention to Calila Ribeiro da Ponte  for organising the event:


Gary Grant – An Ecosystem Approach to the provision of Urban Blue-Green Infrastructure.

Patrick Carter – Climate Adaptive Neighborhoods.

Lee Jae Jin – Thames Edge or Diplomacy and the Architecture of Accommodation. Unit 4 MArch and Landscape MA

Rebecca Dillon-Robinson – Linking the Unseen Counters Canal: A new navigable waterway for London. Unit 4 MArch and Landscape MA

Calila Ponte – Reconnecting with the River Thames. Landscape and Urbanism MA

James Shore – The Grow Deptford Project. Landscape Architecture PgDip

Hannah Shaw -Reactivating the Beckton Riverfront. Landscape Architecture PgDip

Dimitris Grozopoulus – BLUE LINE. Right to the water. Landscape and Urbanism MA

Jonathan Cook – The Backyard River.

Fenella Griffin – Thamesmead Project. Untitled Practice


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