Cities Alive Workshop video launch


cities alive titleAssociate Professor Pat Brown launched 2 new Landscape Interface Studio videos during her presentation to Kingston University’s ‘Festival of Learning’ which took place at Kingston University’s Business School. The theme for this event was ‘Contexts of higher education and their impact on identity, community and engagement’.

Landscape Interface Studio and Arup’s Landscape Architecture team recently collaborated on their shared ‘Cities Alive’ Workshop, devised to trial interdisciplinary graduate and practitioner outdoor learning in the context of the Cities Alive research report, undertaken by the Arup Foresight Group.  12 post-graduate students from Kingston University’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture took part in the one-day workshop which was supported by Kingston University’s Centre for Higher Education Research and Practice (CHERP) to development a project that demonstrates our pedagogic approach. For full details of the workshop read – ‘Cities Alive’ Workshop: LandscapeIS/Arup collaboration

These 2 films are outputs from the recent ‘Cities Alive:Rethinking Green Infrastructure’ workshop which took place in Central London focusing on London’s West End district.  The initial presentations took place at Arup’s Head Quarters followed by site visits investigating 2 separate routes; an east-west axis running along Oxford Street between Tottenham Court Rd and Oxford Circus and a north-south axis running from Fitzroy Square in the north to Soho Square located just south of Oxford Street.


The first video, Cities Alive: Rethinking Green Infrastructure is a brief discussion of the workshop topic and its importance in Landscape Architecture teaching and includes an interview with Tom Armour, Global Leader Landscape Architecture Arup and co-author of the ‘Cities Alive, Rethinking Green Infrastructure’ research report, 2014.  The second video, Cities Alive: Rethinking Green Infrastructure Workshop is a record of the day-long workshop with interviews with participating students, Pat Brown and members of Arup’s Landscape Architecture team.  Arup’s research report envisages cities of the future as integrated networks of intelligent green spaces, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens.  It was undertaken by Arup’s Foresight + Research + Innovation and Landscape Architecture teams who address global issues such as climate change, urban population growth, resource scarcity and risk of urban flooding.




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