Xmas comes to La Darsena di Porta Ticinese, Milano

Xmas has arrived early in central Milan located around the newly landscaped Darsena port at the heart of Milan’s regenerated Navigli area. These images show the transformation achieved.  Now the Darsena is a focus for social and economic expansion right in the centre of Milan and demonstrates the trans-formative effects of well thought out landscape design and place making.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 18.26.47

On April 26th, 2015 la Darsena di Porta Ticinese (the ancient port of Milan) was finally reopened in its new transformation after 18 months of intense work: the final chapter of a troubled history that characterized the area in the last decade.  The curiosity and interest that the Milanese expressed for this regenerated urban area in the centre of Milan was dubbed the so-called “Darsena effect ” and for 6 months during Milan’s EXPO 2015 an overwhelming number of people flocked to the Navigli area of Milan. It has been an important driving force for businesses in the area and was probably even more significant than the ‘EXPO Effect’ that failed to materialize in the city center for a long time. During EXPO Navigli Lombardi successfully ran a series of outdoor events, ‘Lands and Colours of Lombardy 2015’, located at la Darsena or the adjacent canals.

ice skating italian champions

Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University has followed this regeneration of the la Darsena Dock in the Navigli area of Milan since we visited the city back in 2014.  Assoc. Prof Pat Brown and Carine Brannan traveled to Milan as guests of Navigli Lombardi to take part in the ‘Culture_Water_Landscapes Workshop’, part of the FAN Waterways Festival during Milan’s Design Week.  Navigli Lombardi have been instrumental in the redevelopment of Milan’s canal system.  Their participation in the EU Interreg ‘Waterways Forward’ supported the development of a regional action plan to deliver the economic, political and social impacts that waterway infrastructure can provide.  To read the background of the dramatic transformation of the Darsena Dock – from cement covered car park back to it’s original purpose as a central port for Milan – read the blog – As the Darsena reopens for EXPO, Milan rediscovers its waterways.

old darsena

new darsena

new darsena2

Image: Alessia1974Cose http://hal1974.com/




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