St Peter’s Seminary transformation work begins


Following on from our previous post, St Peter’s Seminary: Manifesto for Landscape Intervention, Avanti Architects  report,

“Forty years after St Peter’s Seminary closed, work has finally begun to transform St Peter’s Seminary into an iconic cultural resource where powerful art and heritage learning will sit side by side. The first stages of asbestos removal work is underway to secure the derelict structure safe for the major works to commence.

The design team led by Avanti Architects, which includes NORD Architecture and ERZ Landscape Architects are currently developing the proposals that include the consolidation of the main Seminary building as a ‘raw’ frame, with restoration of the chapel and sanctuary including the stunning ziggurat rooflight as an enclosed events space. There will also be reclamation of the main pathways and repair of the historic bridges and late mediaeval castle keep. The Victorian walled garden will be brought back into productive public use and will act as a hub for community growing and learning activities. 14th Sept ’15”

‘Kilmahew: landscape overview – draft report’ prepared by erz Limited in February 2009 documents the landscaping aspects of this project.


Images: Guthrie Aerial



    • landscapeiskingston

      The new design was intended to wrap around the original Victorian mansion. Since building the old mansion has suffered at the hands of vandals and was finally damaged beyond repair by fire. It no longer remains and the original footprint is now included in new planting designs by erz landscape architects.

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