‘24:00:00 Lighting in the Urban Age’ #ArupCityLights



A new exhibition showcasing the importance of light in a city context is now on display at Arup’s offices on 8 Fitzroy Street, London.  ‘24:00:00 – Lighting in the Urban Age’ explores the constantly changing lights of the city and how they shape our experiences from day to night.

The exhibition celebrates 2015 the International Year of Light as declared by the United Nations General Assembly, placing light at the forefront of discussions on how to approach global challenges of energy, education, agriculture and health. Light is a fundamental infrastructure in all social life, linking cultural, economic and political aspects of the global society.

’24:00:00 – Lighting in the Urban Age’ includes a number of interactive exhibits, 3D models, film screenings, immersive space and the latest Internet of Light technologies set to have an impact on our environments.

“While the urban renaissance of the last 20 years has delivered greater levels of city-centre living, all too often, this fails to translate into the successful ‘24 hour’ city.  What has been missing is the strategic night time design.  Lighting, if considered in the right way, can positively impact on the ‘Total Architecture’ of our cities; it can reinforce urban design principles, enhance cultural experiences and encourage social interaction. This exhibition provokes thought and inspiration around how we can create sustainable, liveable and joyful places for people.” 

— Florence Lam, Global Lighting Leader, Arup

Case study: Regents Canal Tunnel, London.

tunnel1Image: Red Shift Photography

Regents Canal tunnel is home to a pathway popular with London’s pedestrians and cyclists. To improve the route Islington Council approached Architainment Lighting to supply and commission a range of LED lighting for inside the tunnel.   Fitted to the centre of the tunnel’s ceiling, lighting fixtures wash the pavement-side of the tunnel with white light, detecting movement through a sensor. Islington Council wanted to use sensory lighting that would respond whenever anyone was passing through the tunnel, and so the lighting changes from a cool white to a warm white whenever the pavement is in use.  In addition to enhancing the atmosphere alongside the canal, the LED lighting has improved the general safety of a normally dark pathway, illuminating it for commuters as they travel to and from work in the dark winter hours.


Image: Red Shift Photography

For further reading the article FEATURE> CITY LIGHTS – Lighting designers are applying the skills of their profession to further the goals of urban design, creating safer, more stimulating, and better functioning cities.


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