The New English Landscape: the aesthetics of place in post-industrial Britain.

Kingston University will be welcoming Ken Worpole on Thursday 18th December at 2pm at Knights Park Faculty, Room KP103 to deliver a lecture, ‘The New English Landscape: the aesthetics of place in post-industrial Britain’.

The talk will chart the changes from the idea of landscape as pastoral and an escape from the city, through the rise of the motor car, county guides, and then the impact of the Second World War on artistic representations of military defences, ruins, hybrid landscapes.  Ken will review Iain Sinclair, psycho-geography and the new interest in edge-lands, then look at the latest thinking about green infrastructure on towns and cities, concluding with a new vision (post Derek Jarman) of combining many elements to make something profoundly indigenous, ecological, and new.

Ken Worpole is the author of many books on architecture, landscape, urbanism and social policy. His principal interests concern the planning and design of new landscapes and public institutions, whether parks, playgrounds, libraries, cemeteries, townscape or urban green networks.  All express a commitment to the democracy and pleasures of life in the open air and public realm.  He is Emeritus Professor in the Cities Institute, London Metropolitan University.

Ken has served on the UK government’s Urban Green Spaces Task Force, on the Expert Panel of the Heritage Lottery Fund, and was an adviser to the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment.

If you would like to attend please r.s.v.p.-





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