Le Havre: The Value of Inbetween Space

“Le Havre: The value of in-between space” is the final project of Frances Lu who has recently completed an MA Landscape and Urbanism here in the School of Architecture and Landscape, Kingston University.




 Frances starts her project by introducing the context within which her research and proposals are placed.  She describes the waterways, component sections of the city, public transport and infrastructure and urban sprawl – both historical and present – how it has and is impacting Le Havre.  The project then goes on to discuss ‘in-between’ spaces identified in le Havre and the concept of the ‘Green Gene’ –  a new contribution to Le Havre’s green spaces and a catalyst for change…..

in between space

green gene

green gene2


The following images are taken from the master plan proposals for the test site – cross sections, perspective drawings, lighting and allotment plans, planting strategy plus hard landscaping research and proposals.  The proposal is then expanded to look at how the green plan can be extended to the waterfront- port area and south district of Le Havre. 




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