“Cultural dimension of urban agriculture” report: Case Studies

This is the second extract from Professor Raffaella Laviscio report, “Cultural dimension of urban agriculture”.  To read the introduction, a review of the research methodology and an earlier case study for this report the report click here – “Cultural dimension of urban agriculture” – Prof. Raffaella Laviscio, Politecnico di Milano

Earlier this year, Landscape Interface Studio of the School of Architecture and Landscape, Kingston University  hosted Adjunct Professor Raffaella Laviscio of the Dept.of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering at Politecnico di Milano to complete research for a Short Term Scientific Mission Report for COST – Action Urban Agriculture Europe. COST is supported by the EU Research and Technological Development Framework programme.  The aim of the Cost programme is to develop a common European approach to urban agriculture in a spatial context that, according to local opinions and standards, is categorized as urban on the basis of existing research projects and reference regions in the partner countries.


Case Study 2:

case study2

case study2_1

case study2_2

case study2_3


case study2_4


Case Study 3

case study3_1


case study3_2


case study3_3

Two further case studies –  Forty Hall Farm, Enfield, Middlesex and The Surrey Docks Farm in London will be included in the final post from this report over the next few weeks – this final post will include a discussion of the report.  The report was presented at the WORLD RURAL LANDSCAPES Conference  A worldwide initiative for global conservation and management of rural landscapes  held on November 5th 2014, in Milan. This initiative (http://www.worldrurallandscapes.org/) is launched by the International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes ICOMOS-IFLA (ISCCL) and aims to promote the collaboration among the international institutions, the local and regional governments and the actors of the rural landscape policies of all the Regions of the world.

Source: Report text and images – Raffaella Laviscio


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