Agence d’Urbanisme de la Région du Havre et de l’Estuaire de la Seine

On 6 February, 2014, Agence d’Urbanisme de la Région du Havre et de l’Estuaire de la Seine (AURH) welcomed a group of students from the University of Kingston: School of Architecture and Landscape, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Kingston University, London.

Fourteen students studying on the MA Landscape + Urbanism and Post Grad Diploma Landscape Architecture courses, with Associate Prof. Pat Brown, spent a week studying in Le Havre, which is UNESCO classified.

The AURH team started by presenting:

  • What a “Town Planning Agency” actually is and does (particular to France),
  •  AURH’s missions, its skills and fields of action, its partners and sponsors, its organisation, its regional studies, etc.


In addition the students were able to discover and discuss:

  1. Le Havre’s dynamics: its place in French history, iconic buildings and future dynamic venues.
  2. Le Havres strategic importance at key regional levels: the Seine River Estuary, Seine Valley (Seine Gateway) and North-Western Europe. This was an opportunity to discuss the European Weastflows project which impacts both France and UK. 
  3. The geographical information system (GIS) approach was presented in order to illustrate how the AURH team works from basic reference data in order to produce useful business information. Three examples demonstrated this analysis: maritime and port clustering (geocoding), the Le Havre social panel and real estate transactions. This was the opportunity to highlight the fact that AURH works on very different scales of analysis, spanning the simple urban project up until the entire North-West of Europe.


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