Limehouse Cut frontLandscape Interface Studio (LIS), Kingston University has been selected by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to develop and present an exhibition of their recent collaborative project, Limehouse Cut – linking place and creativity at the upcoming AHRC Creative Economy Showcase 2014 which will take place at King’s Place, London on March 12th 2014.  

The AHRC Creative Economy Showcase will be targeted at policy-makers, business  leaders in the creative industries and other sectors, knowledge exchange practitioners and Directors of research in universities, senior representatives from AHRC’s partner organisations in the Creative Economy, representatives from the AHRC’s investments in the Creative Economy and other stakeholders.  The showcase will highlight the outcomes and innovations from AHRC’s activities in this area, provide opportunities to debate and influence current top level thinking in the sector, and facilitate networking.  The Showcase Event will:

  • highlight the vital relationship between the arts and humanities research base and the UK’s Creative Economy
  • raise the profile of the creative and cultural sector, its contribution to growth and innovation, within the UK economy
  • highlight innovation and best practice in knowledge exchange and partnership working in the arts and humanities
  • showcase the AHRC’s wide range of activities in the Creative Economy

The UK’s Creative Economy – embracing the creative industries and the cultural sector – is a dynamic and vital part of our economy.  It accounts for more than 5% of UK Gross Value Added (higher than Financial Services, Advanced Manufacturing and Construction), nearly 10% of the economy, and is estimated to be growing at a higher rate than any other sector.


LIS developed their Limehouse Cut project with London based SME Shared Assets and this showcase event is a perfect opportunity to reveal project content and methodology.  It will also help to expose the potential of landscape design and knowledge for community asset development and supports place-making in the wider realm of the creative economy.  The exhibition will:

  • Consider whether there is a role for creative organisations to explore and support place-making and how the methodology developed might be applied to other situations.
  • Explore what tools and strategies need to be in place to enable the creative arts to act as a catalyst for place-making.
  • Demonstrate the power of design to support the growth of the creative economy whilst encouraging knowledge exchange between higher education and creative organisations.

LIS and Shared Asset’s collaboration has been highly successful not only attracting initial research funding via Creativeworks London’s voucher scheme but has also attracting further funding in the form of sponsorship from The Culture Capital Exchange for the “Limehouse Cut Floating Workshop” held last October forming part of The Culture Capital Exchange’s annual ‘Inside Out Festival′.  This further support from the AHRC recognises the important contribution of landscape design – not only to urban design but to the wider cultural debate regarding the relationship between the arts and humanities research base and the UK’s Creative Economy.

For further details of The AHRC Creative Economy Showcase 2014


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