“#LimehouseCut pilot project – linking place and creativity”

The kick-off workshop for their  Creativeworks London funded collaborative project, “Limehouse Cut pilot project – linking place and creativity” took place at Kingston University last week.  Members of the Landscape Interface Studio (LIS) and Shared Assets teams met to map out their joint contributions to the planning stages of the project.

The project aims to develop a methodology that provides  grounding for creative re-imagining of the Limehouse Cut as a shared local asset. The methodology will address challenges of creatively engaging people in underused and unloved ex-industrial sites, paying special attention to the history and identity of place, its environment and character.  This is a project that is entirely rooted in its locality. Its focus will be on how best to develop new networks and connections around the Cut, and on developing tools and methodologies for bringing local people and creative businesses together sharing knowledge and inspiration.

Poplar and Limehouse, the neighbourhoods surrounding the Limehouse Cut, have the potential to provide infrastructure and space for London’s creative businesses, especially as prices rise elsewhere. This project will look at how these neighbourhoods can retain existing light industry as regeneration happens, and examine how the creative industries can support this process but taking care to retain distinctive qualities of place rather than gentrification. Once developed, this methodology could be applicable to other ex-industrial areas of London looking to attract and support creative industries while retaining and building on their distinctive local identities, and ensuring benefits accrue to local people.


To stimulate interaction LIS and Shared Assets are using social media tools to encourage people to share their emotional response to the Limehouse neighbourhood by commenting on images taken from a boat journey as it passes through the Limehouse Cut. You can contribute by replying to or re-Tweeting any of the Twitter messages – just click on the embedded Tweets….remember to add your one word emotional response to the images!






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