Landscape Interface Studio commission short films to support EU2020

Landscape Interface Studio commissioned these 3 short films to form part of the EU Waterways Forward (WF) project’s final exhibition held in Paris in December 2012.  The WF project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme.  

The aim of the exhibition was to support the promotion of the emerging and final project outputs & recommendations from Waterways Forward. The films were developed to illustrate how Europe’s inland waterways contribute to Europe2020 – the European Union’s 10 year growth strategy.  Specifically, how Europe’s inland waterways can help deliver the 3 main pillars of EU2020 — Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. The target audience was policy makers, officials & politicians involved in the development & implementation of the new EU policy agenda, whether at European, national or regional level.

The 3 short film feature work by Mariana Santos, Victoria Rivera and Room60 in collaboration with Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University.

In addition LIS developed an exhibition catalogue to complement the short films, policy recommendation leaflets, illustrated good practice posters and leaflets plus project promotional banners – all designed to support the project’s communication and dissemination strategy.



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