BEE 4 Biodiversity – biodiversity awareness raising campaign

Click on image to read full text of good practice: PARTICIPATE BEE 4 Biodiversity – the poster above is one of a series of illustrated good practices designed by Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University for the European funded ‘Waterways Forward’ project and features an image by Karl Dawson who won a competition for school children to design a logo to highlight the importance of the bees.


Public participation and social inclusion through an biodiversity awareness raising campaign ‘Bee 4 Biodiversity’ has been developed by South Tipperary County Council.  The campaign began during the public participation process stage of the first South Tipperary Bio­diversity Action Plan.  The campaign promotes public awareness of local biodiversity and encourages public participation in promoting and addressing their local biodiversity issues. The project contained the following:

  • A Place to Bee: A café to promote biodiversity was held in a disused shop dur­ing the Junction Festival, Clonmel. Drop-in biodiversity workshops were available for adults and children which included making bird houses, bee hotels and wildlife art.
  • Fired by Bees: A ceramic exhibition curated by a local potter contained professional, amateur & School childrens’ bee inspired creations in clay and other medium  which raised awareness about bees and biodiversity.
  • River Suir Education Packs: S. Tipperary County Muse­um has produced ‘Bee 4 Biodiver­sity’ inserts for their River Suir Education Packs in partnership with The Heritage Council.
  • Festival Cluain Meala: An an­nual event combining Walled Town celebrations with a Tradi­tional Food and Farming Day. Free workshops and demonstrations are available on the streets of Clonmel, in tradition­al crafts such as harvest knots, bees wax candle making and allotment gardening.

These events showcase the work by the local authority South Tipper­ary County Council in terms of heritage and biodiversity. The events allow the council to engage new au­diences that may not be involved in coun­cil projects. The drop-in type service offers fun educational activities for children while pro­viding the parents with project literature/ information.

The River Suir has been the focus for the campaign including The River Suir Café located in disused premises along the quay in Clonmel. This was a drop in centre showcasing the river and the Waterways For­ward Project.  Various local stakeholder groups involved in promoting multi-functional use of the river were involved e.g. traditional fishing methods; kayaking; walkers. The River Suir Café provided a focal point to gather a ‘shared vision’ for the river which was developed by Landscape Interface Studio following a number of pop-up workshops at various locations along the river.

Landscape Interface Studio (LIS) developed and facilitated a series of community participation workshop – “The Lay of the Land’  –  to reveal the potential of the River Suir and these were delivered as part of the Suir River Cafe during the Clonmel Junction Festival last summer, 2011.   The Suir River Café was a collaboration between South Tipperary County Council Heritage Office, LIS and local artist Lyn Mather.   It was a novel interactive Café where members of the public could observe, discuss, engage and participate in a number of outreach workshops led by the LIS team.

These documents can be viewed here:

  1.  The Lay of the Land
  2. Our Suir Open workshop
  3.  Suir Local – Carrick-on-Suir
  4. Suir Local – Cahir
  5. Suir Local – Ardfinnan
  6. Suir Local – Clonmel

A presentation of the documentation summarising the comments and feedback during the individual workshops in Cahir, Carrick-on-Suir, Ardfinnan and Clonmel was made to the South Tipperary Heritage Forum at the Suir River Café.  “The project is a great opportunity for the community to focus on the river — one of the key assets in the county — and to develop it as an economic cultural amenity for both the community and visitors alike.“   Cllr. Michael Fitzgerald, Chairman of STCC.



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