Localities + the Creative Industries: The Right Place at the Right Time

Landscape Interface Studio, in conjunction with the London based SME Shared Assets, has been awarded £15,000 from Creativeworks London to fund their collaborative project, “Limehouse Cut pilot project – linking place and creativity”.  

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Creativeworks London ‘Creative Vouchers Scheme’ is an initiative that has been established to enable London based small and medium sized enterprises develop unique and innovative short-term, collaborative research and development with academic partners.   Landscape Interface Studio and Shared Assets recently took part in their 3rd Ideas Pool – “Localities & the Creative Industries: The Right Place, at the Right Time.”  The aim of this particular Ideas Pool was to pin down exactly how ‘place matters’, why it matters, for whom, and in what circumstances, in the field of the creative economy.

“Limehouse Cut pilot project – linking place and creativity” – the project in brief:

Shared Assets and Kingston University’s Landscape Interface Studio will develop a methodology and tools for engaging local people and creative industries in imagining a future for the Limehouse Cut, a canal in Tower Hamlets, London’s poorest borough. 

The Cut links two regenerated parts of London  – the Olympic Park to the north and Limehouse to the south. It has the potential to be a substantial local asset but remains an underused and intimidating place, a place to be “got through” as quickly as possible.   Part of London’s industrial heritage, it is a dead straight mile of water, surrounded by local businesses and residents, in an area with limited access to green space.

As rents rise in Shoreditch and Dalston, creative businesses are looking for space elsewhere. We want to examine how engaging creative industries in re-imagining the Limehouse Cut could best benefit local people, reconnecting them with this local asset whilst expanding the infrastructure to support London’s creative economy.

 Our project will involve engaging local creative industries and people in imagining a shared future for the Cut thus providing scalable, replicable models for use elsewhere in London.

Shared Assets was founded to:

• Promote the potential for social enterprise and the voluntary and community sector to deliver urban and rural regeneration through the management of environmental assets such as woodlands, waterways and green spaces,

• Work with public, private and charitable owners of large environmental assets in order to help them create a ‘presumption in favour of community use’ and increase the size, range and quality of environmental resources available to communities,

• Support the delivery of practical projects which create access to environmental assets and resources in order to enable communities to deliver sustainable development which meets their economic, social and environmental needs.



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