“waterways FFWD>>” – WestFocus Funded Project

In the Autumn of 2009 Landscape Interface Studio (LIS), Kingston University successfully bid for funding from WestFocus to support a Knowledge Exchange Project, “Waterways Fast Forward”.  WestFocus is a collaboration between universities based in London and the Thames Valley.  Initially established as part of a government-funded Knowledge Exchange project, WestFocus is now funded by the universities.

The  “Waterways Fast Forward” project examined innovation and enterprise opportunities linked to waterways environments in both urban and rural locations.  The project examined the issues of ‘cost’ and ‘value’ in relation to strategic, design and management for waterways in the South East.   Devised by LIS, the project consisted of a series of workshops focusing on waterways based case studies run by students and staff.  The 3 locations were the Way and Arun Canal, which runs through Surrey and Sussex in Southern England, Brentford Lock where the Thames and the Grand Union Canal meet in west London and finally, Camley Street Natural Park located within 2 acres of wild green space right in the heart of London on the banks of the Regent’s Canal in the middle of King’s Cross.  Presentations were led by students on research projects with additional material and collaboration from representatives of the London Wildlife Trust at Camley Street Nature Park, The Way and Arun Canal Trust and both Canal & River Trust and Isis.   ISIS Waterside is a partnership company owned by the Canal and River Trust (formerly British Waterways) and MUSE Developments.

The project  “Waterways Fast Forward” focused on:

  • channeling creativity 
  • highlighting opportunity 
  • initiating collaboration 
  • stimulating enterprise and 
  • harnessing innovative communication and media…

…in Waterway Environments.

To support the project, LIS developed the Waterways Fast Forward wiki as a communication tool ….http://landscapeisffwd.wetpaint.com/…which was updated by students, staff and collaborators to support dissemination and communication of video presentations, documents, source material and the development of an interactive map of projects, data sources, stakeholder information etc.  Click on the images below to explore the wiki site…





One comment

  1. Thomas Jansen

    Interesting topic! For the last 10 years my team is dealing with this topic. In Scandinavia we defined the waterway of the 21’st century. Many river are blocked, a well known problem. What we didn’t know was the fact that this has been done with less effective 20st century concepts and techniques. The Scandinavian landscape prevailed a real treasure that made it possible to exploit rivers more effectifly, upto 30% more hydro energy. And at the same time unbound the wild river to let it go free and connect innerland with the sea. Result is a new economical concept with a new economical backbone. Want to know more?
    Thomas Jansen

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