LIS supports European ‘Waterways Forward’ project

Over the past 4 years Landscape Interface Studio (LIS) has been supporting the European Regional Development Funded ‘Waterways Forward’ (WF) project which brought together public authorities and other relevant institutions from 11 EU countries plus Norway and Serbia.


Following initial funding from Kingston University’s Enterprise Development Fund, the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture’s  Landscape Interface Studio (LIS) was closely involved in the development and management of the project’s communication working with their client the Canal and River Trust (formerly British Waterways).

LIS acted as project communications consultants developing and managing a suite of social media sites, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and blog, to support the project’s aim to secure the future of Europe’s waterways.  In addition, LIS developed two project exhibitions plus a series of 17 illustrated good practice posters which present an analysis and summary of good practice for each project partner.  These posters represent a body of work involving research and design carried out by Helena Rivera for LIS.

WF best practices

The Waterways Forward blog has proved particularly successful – read in 108 countries. Glenn Millar, the Economic Development Manager for Canal & River Trust said: The appointment of the Landscape Interface Studio to support the Waterways Forward partnership brings an imaginative multi-disciplinary approach to spatial planning with new media communication.

Pat Brown, LIS director said: Regeneration of existing waterways has wide-ranging benefits for sustainable place-making, with potential for wellbeing, biodiversity, low-impact transport, renewable energy, flood management, local food production, tourism, and social enterprise.”

Helena Rivera –


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