‘Un-Taming The Navigli’ – Milan

Landscape Interface Studio has worked with Navigli Lombardi for the past 3 years on the EU funded ‘Waterways Forward’ project.  Now,  Navigli Lombardi presents the  FAN  Navigli Water Festival 2013 .   The festival’s architectural programme is promoting the ‘Un -Taming The Navigli’ project – a collaboration between Polytechnic of MilanColumbia University and Exposure Architects.


“To Tame” in English, has a particular meaning. It’s used to indicate the act of an animal or subdue the forces of nature to the will of man. In Milan it has come to mean, the desire to liberate the natural elements, the strength of their canals, their special characteristics, which over time instead were bent to various human needs, until they become today, almost unwieldy in the urban landscape of Milan and the city’s suburbs.

This is not a restoration project but rather to take advantage of the dynamic movement of the water to create new situations, unexpected relationships between the earth and the canal can exist just because the two meet, touch, and often cross – sometimes hinder each other. The basic idea of ​​this international workshop, with students from all over the world, is to create situations that take place partly in water and partly on land. Programs, old and new, traditional and alternative, Orthodox and uninhibited. Agendas that then crumble, break up, are diluted in the current channel, the Ticino at Pavia, Adda to the dock. Events that may exist individually or instead only work when more elements meet at a bend in the channel, a pier, or along the towpaths in the country irrigated by canals.

Each day students will compete with the existing, with the slow but powerful water but also learn how this waterway can become a destination rather than a historical space … And then conferences of specialists, artists, writers who take turns telling different points of view on the specific world of canals and or the world around us. All in two transparent structures and floating between the dock and the Naviglio Grande, in the best tradition river … But the House Keeper of the Waters in Vaprio d’Adda, is where it all begins …

The course will be taught by Oliviero Godi, a professor of architectural design during the course in English at the Polytechnic of Milan and Frederic Levrat , a professor of engineering at Columbia University in New York, for the second of two workshops.  Camilo Cerro , architect and designer of New York, will teach during the first of two workshops.

Oliviero Godi & Dorit Mizrahi



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