REACHING JAYWICK community project – Jaywick, Essex.

REACHING JAYWICK was a community project located in Jaywick, near Clacton on Sea Essex. Started in April 2010, the project was funded for 3 ½ years by the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Program.  Jaywick has been described as  being the most deprived community in the country (Source: Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2010).


Landscape Interface Studio (LIS) was approached by CoastNet to support the Reaching Jaywick project.  CoastNet – an independent sustainable development charity – was tasked with tackling some of the challenges that Jaywick faces, by building on the resort’s strengths;  it’s beautiful seaside location, fine sandy beaches and strong community.

Landscape Interface Studio’s involvement was three fold:

  •  The Lay of the Land – Initial phase – to engage with different community groups, reveal varied perceptions of Jaywick and start a series of practical, creative and skills based workshops that respond to local needs.  This phase included  – “My Jaywick”: A model-making and mapping consultation workshop set up to explore and reveal the perceptions of different community groups run by Lucy Tauber.  
  • Taught module for Post Graduate Landscape Architecture + Urbanism:  site visit 1st-3rd December 2011.
  1.  Site research, survey and mapping
  2. Concept development and outline proposal
  3. Detail proposal and final presentation

Nicole Ka Yip: Proposal jaywick

  • ‘Lay of the Land’ exhibition, Clacton Coastal Academy, 23rd April 2012  –  presenting proposals by Kingston University Post Graduate Landscape Architecture + Urbanism students supervised by Pat Brown and Lucy Tauber.  Their work responded to the brief developed through LIS in consultation with  CoastNet and the Jaywick Community,  as part of the  Reaching Jaywick project .
Andres Briones - Concept Image Jaywick

Andres Briones – Concept Image Jaywick

In addition to the above, a comprehensive Contextual Summary of previous interventions including individual arts and landscape based projects carried out in Jaywick was developed by LIS.  This report also included comments that  LIS considered  helpful in extending these projects’ legacies and informing future proposals carried out in particular by Kingston University Post-graduate students following their site visit 1st-3rd December 2011.


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